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More than seven months into the California drought many cities, such as San Diego, are pushing their residents to cut their water use by 20 percent, but there are no set up punishments for those who do not. Many homeowners are planning to install artificial grass on their yard to help out the city. At the beginning of August, San Diego County Water Authority's declared of a Level 2 Drought Alert.

The information fliers were quickly sent out about the water use restrictions to the homeowners and business with their water bills. The restrictions included particular days when water cannot be used and limiting watering to 10 minutes per watering station per assigned day; the required repair of any water leaks within 72 hours; and the prohibit use of fountains and other ornamental water features unless operated with recycled water.

Corresponding to the State Water Resources Control Board, at least half of the daily water is used for lawns and outdoor landscaping; thus, official encourage their citizens to install artificial grass. California's census shows that from 1998 to 2010; homes used an average of 3 million acre-feet outdoors (about 326,000 gallons); in total nearly 13 percent of the state's water was used (including indoor water). San Diego is concerned about the water usage; thus, the city's council decided to work with regional water officials to examine a new recycled water plan, and to create programs for rewarding those who safe water. And San Diego is encouraging the homeowners to tear out their lawns. This remodeling will save their water bill. Amount of savings will depend upon the decision they will make when planting anew.

In San Diego city water, agencies are paying their residents a rebate for tearing out their grass and installing it with artificial turf. With 19 million people in South California, the Metropolitan Water District received requests to remove 2.5 million sq feet of grass lawns in July. Water officials hope the change is more than a trend and marks the beginning of a transformation in the way citizens view neighborhood landscapes. San Diego State officials say the interest in turf replacements programs, grew by an increase in reimbursement rates is encouraging.

Rebates started out several years ago at $1 a square foot of grass but in some cities have since risen as high as $3.50 a square feet. In San Diego city, more than 21 million square feet of turf have been removed since the incentives began reported Water District. Residents who remove their lawns and install artificial grass will not only weed out mowing and fertilizing costs but also save on their water bill.

The San Diego County Water Authority set up helpful information for the residents before starting the replacement to synthetic grass program. According to SDCWA, citizens need to apply online first, sent a copy of recent water bill, and sent a proposal from a professional landscape design plan. After the project is complete, the citizens must submit the part two of the application online, sent 4-5 photographs of your completed project and sales receipts for project costs. If the drought worsens, the San Diego city could enact tougher restrictions, such as prohibitions on washing cars and water lawns at all times. However, to do its part, the city plans to replace some parks with artificial grass.

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