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From California Brown to Green - Drought Landscaping Ideas

California doesn't look green anymore. In the historic state of drought, Californian lawns are now on the edge of extinction. Homeowners and communities are continuously looking for alternatives and the artificial grass looks more and more attractive.


California doesn't look green anymore. In the historic state of drought, Californian lawns are now on the edge of extinction. Homeowners and communities are continuously looking for alternatives and the artificial grass looks more and more attractive.

Drought landscaping options are limited. Some Californias tore down their lawns and replaced it with native plants. Others simply ignored the fact and let their grass turn brown and die. The more progressive ones turned to the artificial grass and kept their yards looking as green as the water drought never happen. For most, the transition wasn't expensive. The rebates offered by California's water agencies covered more than a half of expense the soil and grass removal and new turf installation would cost otherwise.

Artificial grass is hassle-free and doesn't require water to keep beautiful, always green appearance. It doesn't need trimming, edging, and fertilizing. Potentially, artificial grass will help to cut off about 70 percent of California's water usage.

Artificial grass provides something native plants and cement can't, - safe playgrounds and comfortable outdoor entertainment spaces. Artificial grass has been a growing trend in California; people understand it is a viable alternative to water-thirsty lawns, increasing water bills, and sky-rocketing penalties.

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Less than ten years ago, synthetic grass was primarily used by companies, municipalities, and in the sports industry. Synthetic grass was installed on schools stadiums, sports fields, public parks, and playgrounds. Today, artificial grass is available to every homeowner.

Artificial grass technology is rapidly developing. Fake grass doesn't look fake, and it's almost impossible to tell a difference between natural and artificial lawn. The drought has changed the way people approach landscaping. The combination of plants, mulch, and artificial turf can create a beautiful garden and benefit from less water, zero-maintenance grass alternatives.

Residents are now more than ever thinking about changing landscapes, but it is often too overwhelming to be faced with the task without the help of professional landscaping company. Most will often turn to the artificial turf just for the curb appeal, instead of taking a challenge of a California native based landscape.

Keeping a curb appeal along with a sustainable landscape is a difficult task. People usually enjoy the natural landscape better than a traditional lawn, but it takes time, money and effort to create beautiful and functional outdoor space. Most homeowners prefer a curb appeal to all other considerations, and synthetic lawn solves the dilemma instantly.

Water Laws In California, Police, Illegal, irrigation, sprinkler

There are no signs of severe drought in California this year, but the state legislators continue to move down the road of water wasting mindset prevention. As a reminder to those residents and businesses who have gotten a little lazy and are back to using as much water as before the drought, water legislations are passing on through eight phases of the mandatory water conservation program. It's Murphy's law: "Just when you think things cannot get any worse, they will." But there is also some good news for Californians. Minimum wage is going up to $11-$12 per hour depending on company size. Women are getting more protection. Illegal businesses of the past are making into respected taxpayers.

Satellite images of progressing drought in Florida 2016-2017

Christopher Hain, the research scientist of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, leads a specializes project aimed to predict drought across North America from satellites. In times, when a climate change poses a threat to agriculture, any new way to catch on the drought conditions at early stages sounds just right.

America loves green, lush lawns. Outdoor lifestyle is threatened by severe drought and a climate change. Lawns dry out. Dried earth.

The state of Califonia is currently in its fifth year of severe drought. Despite Governor Brown's declaration of a state drought emergency in 2014, Californias fell short of the mandated water conservation target.

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