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Synthetic Turf Makes School Sports Teams More Competitive


Synthetic turf is quickly becoming the standard surface material for installation in high school sports fields. It increases play time, morale, reduces injuries and maintenance, and saves money.

One high school in Lee County is witness to the tremendous benefits that installing synthetic turf in a high school sports field can yield to the school's teams and coaches. The high school's football coach says that the synthetic turf has made the field look beautiful all the time, no matter the weather. Furthermore, he says that his team has sustained less injuries because the field's lack of divots and ruts.

The synthetic turf has allowed all of the high school's teams and organizations to use the fields consecutively, one after another, day in and day out, with no wear or intervals in between sessions for maintenance and repair. This was unheard of when the field had natural turf installed.

The soccer team's coach says that the synthetic turf is imperative if the team wants to be able to compete against the other teams in their region. Half of the teams in their region have synthetic turf fields. Synthetic turf guarantees that their team gets sufficient practice time in and then some. This increased practice time results in higher confidence and morale, which in turn results in more wins.

Synthetic Turf Makes School Sports Teams More Competitive
Ottis O.J. Anderson former New York Giants running back, Super Bowl MVP XXV golf practice at the Fiddlers Elbow Country Club

The 26th annual Larry Grantham Charity Golf Classic helps to fundraise to the Freedom House's Drug and Alchohol programs this year, 2017. This year the committee is honoring Ottis Anderson with the Sportsman of the Year Award for the outstanding sportsmanship throughout his career.

Artificial Turf is a Hit Among High School Baseball Teams

Artificial turf is a new hit among baseball players. One high school team in Nevada had artificial turf installed in their baseball field and the players and coach love it. It cost the school a quarter of a million dollars to install the turf. This initial cost will be recouped later on in money they save on maintenance.

The coach says that he's wanted to install the artificial turf in the baseball field for years.

Synthetic Turf Field Politics

The controversy around crumb rubber infill continues as a new in-depth piece in the USA Today was published today surveying the political dispute occurring between school synthetic turf sports field superintendents, environmental agencies, and consumer protection agencies.

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