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Can I install a rotary washing line on my artificial lawn?

| Feb 13 4:08 AM

Can I install a rotary washing line on my artificial lawn?

1 Answer

Yes, you can. I assume you want to have it to wash/clean your artificial grass lawn periodically which can be a good idea. However, it can be difficult after your artificial grass lawn have already been installed unless you don't mind to have a water line laying around, here are some scenarios I can imagine:

1. You already have the artificial turf installed, and you want to have the rotary washing head installed. In this case, you will have to connect your washing head to a hose and place it on the turf, this will be the easiest way and you will have all the flexibilities of having the washing head out or put them away. Only drawback is your hose will be laying around and can be visible while you are using it. 

2. If you haven't installed your artificial turf yet, and you are placing your existing real grass lawn with artificial. Mostly likely you have already had your sprinklers in place for your real grass lawn before, you can leave them in, and manually turn them on when you want to clean your artificial lawn while leave them off when you are not using it. In this case, you don't need to install a rotary washing head at all. Or you still prefer the rotary washing, you can have your plumber to tap the line with your existing sprinkler system to make it work.

If you don't have any sprinklers to start with, you will need to have a plumber or your landscaper to run a line for you before you start building the sub base for your artificial grass lawn.

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