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Global Syn-Turf offers every tool you need to cut and fit artificial grass and putting greens from nails, staples, bender boards, lawn, and shock pads, glues, seaming solutions, golf cups, flags and lights to organic infills and maintenance accessories. Aside from carrying the most exclusive synthetic turf products available, we stock every tool and accessory you can imagine to complete the job and get it done right. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your turf needs. Whether you are an experienced installer or a motivated DIY homeowner, we can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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You should never have the muddy problem any more if you install artificial grass properly. One of the key benefits of having artificial grass is that it is clean and not become messy or muddy, you can get on the artificial grass immediately after rain as there won't be muddy or messy as soil or real grass will get. 

You want to be sure your installation gets done correctly, to have your based properly prepared with about 2" of drain rocks and 1-2" of decomposed granite or equal compacted to provide a solid and smooth surface to lay the artificial grass, stretch the turf properly, and secure all the edges and infill it.

You will be very happy as you will never need to worry about the muddy mess any more.


We do offer nails and glues through our distributors/dealers as we do for our artificial grass products. However, such items don't automatically come with artificial turf purchases, you will need to order them separately. The local distributors/dealers will advise you on what kind and quantities to get when you provide the size of your artificial grass. If you need further help on this, the best way is to fill out the online form and we will get the local distributors/dealers contact you immediately:


At the installation, you do need to brush sand into artificial grass, and this will not ruin the products, it is actually a good practice to have. Most of professional installers are equipped with power brooms as a necessary tool for artificial turf installations. When artificial grass installations being done during warm or hot weather, leaving the turf out under the sun for an hour or so, you will find that turf blades will almost automatically standing up without any brushing help, it will not be the same case if you perform installations during a cold day or without sun shines. Therefore it is always important to have either regular garden push broom or power broom handy with installations, you will need the brooms not only for brushing up the fibers, but also to brush infills into artificial grass. Some of our turf products can be very dense and after you drop infills on them, the sands won't be easily find its way down, but blooming the turf, the infills will work its way down and there won't be floating on top of the lawn. Even with proper brushing, you might not get the sands completely down, it still will take some extra time for sand to completely settled inside the artificial grass given time and traffic. During the lifespan of artificial grass lawns, people can add more infills and brush it multiple times without damaging or ruining the turf. 

If you have any further questions, please fill out our online form and our installation expert can help you out directly:


Global Syn-Turf is the leading artificial grass manufacturer, we make all the turf products and sell them through our distributors and dealers nationwide. However, we do not offer installation services. We are operating with the largest installer network around the country and will always be able to connect you with the proper distributors/dealers for your turf purchase and installations. The best starting point is to fill out this online form with your address, and we will be able to make our recommendations for your applications immediately, you can always call us or email us with detailed information as well. Here is the link:


It depends on what kind of surface you are planing to install the artificial grass. Regardless the surface, if you are putting more than two pieces of turf together, you will always need the glues for seams. You definitely have to build a good sub base and smooth compacted if your turf will go on soil ground. You will need to glue down the turf if you are permanently installing it on a solid surface such as concrete. Our artificial grass glues come in three different type of packages: 32 oz tube, 1 gallon bucket and 5 gallon bucket. If your installation area is small and all you need is tube, you will need a large glue discharge gun; if you go with the bucket glues, a 1/4” trowel will be needed to apply the glues. Here are the links to our artificial grass glues:


The best way to find good artificial grass installers in your area is to fill out this online form, and we will get back to you asap with recommendations. On this form, you will need to make sure putting your address so we can give you move accurate installers' information. Of course you can always email us or call us with your address. Here is the link:


You can use couple of different products to finish up the edging on your artificial grass lawn installation. If you use wonder edge which is specifically designed for artificial turf edging, you will not need anything else. To find out more information on wonder edge, you can visit this link:

Or there is a traditional way of finishing up the edges by using bender board and stakes. Bender board product is widely used in landscape word to finish up all different type of landscape edges. They normally come in as either thinner version or thicker version, and they all can be bended to form shapes along the edges. You will need the stakes as crew base to secure the bender boards. For more information on bender board product and bender board stakes, please visit the following tow links:


It is always a good idea to use shock pad under the grass, for kids or not for kids. The shock pad is about 1/4" thick and comes in a roll of 5'x200', they are relatively easy to install, and to be joined with duck tapes. One of the tricks of installing a shock pad is to always leave 6 inches of gaps along the perimeters to allow it to expand and contract during temperature changes. 

The benefit of having the shock pad is providing the additional cushions, with it underneath the turf, the feeling when you walk on it is absolutely awesome! Everyone including your children will love it. I think the main reason for people not to go with shock pad on their installation is the extra costs, the materials cost are actually not that bad, but adding additional installation charge might make some of the homeowners shy away from it. Other than that, having a shock pad would be a great option to have for all artificial grass lawn applications.


You can install artificial grass almost anywhere, including muddy area. As you might know that some areas are not suitable for real grass to grow such as muddy areas or shaded areas, artificial turf will be your perfect solution! Regardless what areas you install the turf, you need to make sure to follow the installation instructions:

In most cases, if your installations are done properly, you will never have issues for years to come.


Not really, You can always choose more dense artificial grass if you would like to feel less solid: with the blades and curled thatch, most of our products won’t give you too solid of the feel. 

I will suggest you to get some samples and lay them on the surface and get a feel of them before making your final decision. If by any chance you can’t find any turf that meets your satisfaction, I will recommend you to use shock pad or lawn pad underneath the grass which will provide different levels of cushions make the feel much better. To find the details on such shock pad or lawn pad products, please visit the following links, and keep in mind that the thicker the pads, the more of cushions:


It depends on the applications.

Typically most of sport fields which being used on a daily bases can last between 5-10 years. Similar lifespans for heavily used playgrounds. Therefore most of sport field artificial grass warranties cover usage time rather than just time. 

For residential and commercial lawns, our artificial grass will last you as long as 25 years! Our general product warranties for such applications is 15 years, and you can find details about our warranty on our product specification page:


I have posted an answer regarding this question before, please go to this link:

My answer to the question was for a 800 sf. artificial grass installation: 

For your project particular, an experienced installer will take about 3-5 days, here is the procedure:

Remove the existing lawn will take about a day or less. Building the base should be another day, then laying the turf. Typically your project size will require 3-4 people crew, depending on how well the coordination of materials and no complications of electrical work (yard lights) and irrigation work (cap off and re-routing your existing irrigation system), highly experienced crew can easily complete such project really quickly. Always allow couple of extra days when trying to budget your time though, as reality is always not necessarily perfect when it comes to any landscaping projects, sometimes, the installation can take longer due to many cuts, seams, and edging work, regardless project like yours won't be more than a week.


Yes, our artificial grass can be moved later on. If your initial installation is permanent, you will need to first remove the nails, and simply pull out the turf from the base. There might be infills inside your already installed turf, if it is the case, you will need to flip the turf to let infills out before you start rolling the turf back up so you can move it.


Yes, absolutely. I will recommend you to rinse and sanitize the turf as often as possible if your toddler will urine on it, you need to keep the turf clean at all times if having your toddlers on it. I would have couple of suggestions for you:

1. Watch your toddler to make sure he/she not to pull or chew or eat the grass

2. Use antimicrobial infills which will prevent bacteria or gems from growing on your turf

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Well, the artificial turf will withstand heavy rains and strong winds. To resist a hurricane, it will have a lot to do with the installations. If the installation was done properly with nails along the perimeters and sand infills average 2 lbs per sq., it will definitely hand the downpours without a problem as all of our products have permeability of 50 inches per hour, there never have been hurricane on record can dump this much of rain in a hour in history. by that said my personal opinion is that our artificial turf will be resistant to a hurricane.

To find information on proper installation of artificial grass, here is the link:

To find the permeability of each product, please visit our product specifications page:


There is really no specific correct height for golf putting greens, we make our artificial greens ranging from 1/2” to 3/4” in the pile height. For putting green, regardless real grass or artificial, the height of fiber is not a set state, more importantly factors are the consistency of how golf balls rolling and the speed. Global Syn-Turf offers the best artificial putting greens in the market! Professional golf champion, Bernhard Langer has several of our putting greens at his properties! Our putting green products offers the best ball rolling consistency and provide the most optimistic speed at individual’s preference. For more detailed information regarding our putting green products, please visit:


Weeds can almost grow from anywhere, so it is possible for it to grow from underneath the artificial grass. There are couple of things you can do:

First, you can prevent weeds from growing by putting a layer of weed barrier under the artificial grass. You can find the details about weed barrier at this link:

If you didn't use weed barrier at the installation and having weeds issues, you can use weed killers such as Roundup to get rid of them. Just be careful when applying the roundups, always wear face masks and glues to avoid inhaling or contacting with it.

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You can get a garden hose attached bottle and fill it with vinegar to spray rinsing the artificial grass to sanitize. Or you can have sanitizer filled into a garden hose attached bottle to spray and sanitize the turf. As you can see that the best way of sanitizing artificial grass is to use garden hose spraying.


Our artificial grass do have non skid backing. When you flip the turf and look at the backing, you can see the stitch knots sticking out of the backing surface which provide great frictions when making contact with other surfaces. 


It depends what caused the wrinkles. Most of the wrinkle issued caused by improper installations, to completely get rid of the wrinkles you will need to have your installer to pretty much reinstall the turf by provide solid and secure edging anchors, and stretch the turf correctly and add sufficient infills. If installations not done properly, you might see wrinkles during certain time of the day or during certain month of the year: this is because the turf is moving (expanding and contracting) along with temperature changes. Such movements can be minimized by secured lawn edges, proper stretching and sufficient infills. 


Yes you can. I have personally seen such applications before. Believe it or not, there all a lot of arrival grass being used in horse training facilities, barns and stalls: people find artificial grass to be one of best solutions around these areas as it not only looks good but also provide a much cleaner surface to walk and work on. Depend on the sizes of the turf area, you always need to make sure to do proper installations, securely install turf will not only give your the best possible appearance but also prevent any hazardous issues. Please feel free to reach us on your applications and we can help to guide you through your questions and concerns.


Yes, you can. Depending on what type of staple gun you are using, you have to pay attention to the following:

1. You would like to use the narrower staples as they won't crush down the fibers as much

2. You need to make sure not to drive the staples into plywood too tight as the top cross section of staples will catch some fibers and press them down, if your staples are too tight into the plywood, you won't be able to flip the fibers out of the staple heads. 

3. You will need to have a pin to pinch out fibers pressed down by the staples otherwise, you might notice the denting areas where staples been used.

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We always recommend to use a Drop Spreader to apply infills onto the artificial grass. You can find such spreader from most of home improvement centers or hardware stores or landscape suppliers. It is the same spreader people use to spread the seeds. You can find a picture of such spreader at this link:

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You can starting using the artificial grass lawns as soon as installation is done. The artificial grasses are designed to be used outdoors, you can work on them anytime you like to and you are not going to mess it up.


There are several factors for people to consider when choosing artificial grass products:

1. Pricing: this is the most important factor for people shopping for artificial grass. Given the fact of artificial turf cost more than real grass, a lot of potential artificial grass buyers are very price concise and always look for the best value available on the marketplace. At Global Syn-Turf, we offer a full range of products priced range from very low to the best you can get.

2. Realistic look and feel: Most of artificial grass users are to replace their real grass lawns with artificial grass, so the realistic look and feel that best simulating the real grass is a factor people are looking at. Our artificial grass offers the most realistic looks and feels in the industry. You can't tell from artificial to real from most of our grass on the ground!

3. Functionalities: People are using artificial grass for specific purposes, either general landscaping, pets, patios, playgrounds, golf or entertaining, our wide range product lines cover them all. You name it and we have it!


Unless using artificial grass in between pavers, we won't recommend to put artificial grass in a driveway, the twisting motions of car tires will damage the turf. So please be cautions and not using artificial grass on a driveway.


While snakes might be found traveling through artificial grass depending on what areas you live in, but "do snakes like artificial grass" can be an interesting question. We are in turf business for years, and have never heard issues with snakes live in artificial grass. It is hard for me to think a good reason for snakes to like artificial turf: the artificial grass are normally short ranging from 1-1/4" to 2" high, and  surface won't give enough for snakes to hide themselves, again, they might travel through, but we just don't see they can live in the artificial grass, 


Like anything else, artificial grass will expand and contract when temperature changes from cold to hot or vs, this is the law of physics. However, we do have solutions for that. When we manufacture our artificial turf products, we use two solid layer of primary backing materials which dramatically increase the stabilities of our products. At the installation stage, we require installers to anchor all the edges of the artificial lawn by using 5-7" nails, proper stretch out the grass during the installation, and put average of 2 lbs of infills per sq ft. Combinations of having products made with best stability and manufacturer required installation procedures will significantly minimize the expansions or contraction issues.


We offer special glues just for artificial grass, such glues are available in different packages. If you have a small job, you can get a tube, using any generic tube dispensing gun to apply on the seaming tape. If you have more than 20 liner feet to glue, you can get a bucket of one gallon glue and using 1/4' trowel to apply the glue. Some bigger projects you will need to get 5 gallon glues. Here are the links to the artificial grass glue products for your reference:


Installers use artificial grass seaming tape to put two pieces of turf together. To summarize the basic steps of using artificial grass seaming tape:

1. Bring two pieces of turf together, and cut to the stitches and lining them up before doing any seaming work: you need to make sure the turf looks correct by piecing them tougher without securing them or gluing them.

2. Once your cut is done, and two pieces of turf looks right jointing together, you flip both pieces or turf open so your sub base exposed.

3. Lay down the seaming tape along the joints of the two pieces onto the sub base, make sure you position your seaming tape right down the middle of the joint.

4. Use bright common or galvanized nails to nail the seaming tape onto the sub base, you need to space the nails every 4 -6".

5. Flip back the two pieces of turf after nailing the seaming tape onto the sub base, to make sure the seaming tape is positioned right down the middle of the joints, then flip open the two pieces of turf to have the seaming tape exposed.

6. Now you can apply glues onto the seaming tape, then close off the two pieces of turf to make sure they have good contacts with the glues. 

7. We also recommend to use either nails or staples on the grass into the sub base after the seaming glue process finished, spaced at 4-6". This will ensure your seam will never fail.

Here are some very helpful links regarding this topic:


We have the same posting with detailed answers regarding this particular question, please visit this link, thank you:

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It will depend on the face weight of. artificial grass product. On average, a 15’x 20’ piece of turf will weigh between 200 lbs and 300 lbs which ranges face weight from 50 oz to 90 oz.


Gophers won't be likely to destroy the artificial grass, but can definitely cause damages and ruin the installations: In areas where gophers is a known issue, we recommend installers to use gopher wires as a layer of installation underneath the grass. Not often that gophers will get through the turf itself, but they will dig out holes under ground and create lumps and dents on the artificial lawn surface which will make your grass looks bad. I haven't heard any cases of gophers come through the turf, but I do see issues of gophers' activities under ground create terrible looks on artificial lawn surfaces. When installing the gopher wires, you would like to put it before you are building your sub bases to prevent gophers from going into the sub bases. For more details and how to install gopher wires with artificial grass, please go to this link:

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In general, Global Syn-Turf makes the best artificial grass on the market, period! In order to answer your question more specifically, here are some categories I would like to emphasize:

1. Most realistic grass: Our SuperNatural lines present the best looking/most realistic looking among all. It has many colors and different shapes of fiber in it which simulates the real grass almost perfectly. If the realistic looking is what you are looking for, SuperNatural artificial grass is clearly the best you can find on the market!

2. Best value: Most of our products with faceweight at between 60 and 80 oz. are considered the best value for the buck. For an example, S Blade-66, Riviera Monterey-65, All Natural-75 and etc., these products have a moderest price tag and functions perfectly. 

3. Best priced: Global Syn-Turf-Turf offers some price point products such as S Blade-50, StarGrass, and Riviera Monterey-50. These turf is made of the same fibers as higher configurations with lessor faceweight, we price them very aggressively to meet the customers needs of tight budgets. 

For all detailed products information, please visit this link and click on each product individually:


Technically speaking, all of our artificial turf products are good with pets. We design and manufacture turf products with pets in mind! All fibers are strong and resilient and most of drainage designs can can handle dog urine effectively. Just to name a product would be easy: Pet Turf. This is a product with shorter blades, which make it easy to clean up and a bit difficult for dog to pull and chew on. The shape of the fiber is "U": one of most durable engineered blade design, drainage on this turf is superb for urine discharge. If installed with zeolite infills, nothing can go wrong with this product for your pets. Here are the links for Pet Turf and Zeolite infills:


Weed can grow almost anywhere, however, it is very rare for weed to grow on top of artificial grass as the turf surface itself won't have the inhabitants for weeds. Most of our artificial grass designed with drainage holes, sometimes weeds will find their way to grow through the drainage holes also along the edges of the grass, in any case, it won't be nearly as bad as weeds growing in the real lawns. Even though weeds grow through the turf or on the edges, they are very spotty and never in a massive way. Couple things we can do to prevent and dealign with the weeds: 

1. Install a layer of weed barrier under the turf at the installation. You can find details here:

2. Use weed killers to get rid of them or simply pull them out.

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We design our products to last a very long time. Under normal weather with proper use and minimum maintenance, our product will last 25 years. 


You can use any regular weed killer such as Roundup: just make sure to use mask when using chemicals such as Roundup, it won't hurt the artificial grass, but such weed killers might be harmful for human, so to avoid inhaling or skin contacting of Roundups while using it to kill weeds. It is very interesting that we find more and more people tends to leave the weeds alone as they sometimes present more overall "realistic lawn" look.


The most realistic looking artificial grass on the market is our SuperNatural series: we have two different configurations on this product line, 60 oz and 80 oz. Both look as natural as it can be, so I personally won't have a preference. However, if budget permits, SuperNatural-80 will be the choice, given the fact of heavier and denser, theoretically will hold up longer. If not, SuperNatural-60 will be just fine, you won't go wrong with either one! Here is the links for both products and specifications:


For your project particular, an experienced installer will take about 3-5 days, here is the procedure:

Remove the existing lawn will take about a day or less. Building the base should be another day, then laying the turf. Typically your project size will require 3-4 people crew, depending on how well the coordination of materials and no complications of electrical work (yard lights) and irrigation work (cap off and re-routing your existing irrigation system), highly experienced crew can easily complete such project really quickly. Always allow couple of extra days when trying to budget your time though, as reality is always not necessarily perfect when it comes to any landscaping projects, sometimes, the installation can take longer due to many cuts, seams, and edging work, regardless project like yours won't be more than a week.


Artificial grass market in Texas is several years behind the west coast and eastern states like Florida. However, it has been growing rapidly in recent years. The fastest-growing market is the Dallas/Fort Worth area where Global Syn-Turf has a distribution center. Most of the key general benefits of artificial grass apply to Texas: 

1. Low maintenance, no more mowing, fertilizers, chemicals, landscapers: given the larger than national average yard sizes, such benefit can be very a great deal for Texans.

2. Some parts of Texas have real winters: it can get really cold to prevent real grass growing, brown-colored lawns are what we have in Texas during wintertime. Artificial grass will be green all year long which to enhances the appearances of properties and communities. Even in other seasons when it gets really wet, the turf will hold up much better and readily available for use right after rains or storms.

3. Your pets will love it: regardless of the seasons, artificial turf is always ready for your pets, real grass just can't offer that functionality all year long to your pet.

4. There are no other good options for private golf putting greens in your own yard than having artificial turf and you can play and practice on it any time you like.

5. Without pesticides, chemicals and lawnmower noise/emissions, we protect our soil and air. Never need to worry about our soil to be contaminated by treating real grass. Study shows that the lawnmower emissions surpass car's emissions, by cutting back lawn mower usage, we can have better and fresh air back!

There are more benefits than I can list here, and please always feel free to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


The cost of artificial turf project normally includes three sections: turf materials, installation materials such as infills, base materials, pads and other accessories and installation labor. Depends on where is the project, the overall project pricing can vary dramatically within a range of $5.00-$18.00 per sq ft. In dry climate areas, the supply of artificial turf is high and because of the drought and less rain, the requirement for a base building is minimum and the market becomes very competitive. Other areas that artificial turf is not very popular and not many professionals available or areas have a high cost of living, an artificial grass project can be on the more expensive side. It is always our suggestion to shop around and get at least 2-3 bids from different companies so you can choose from the best one. If you need help to find such distributors/dealers/installers in your area, we are here to help. You can reach us via the form online or email 24/7, we will be able to get you the best resources to choose from.


Hi, there, unfortunately our warranty is not transferable. If you have further questions regarding our warranty details, you can always visit this link and click on the artificial grass product, and click on the warranty:


You might depending on the scale of your project: if your artificial turf coverage area is small which doesn't require any tricky layout design and no seams, you should be able to do it yourself, and all you need is the turf and turf glues: you will need to start from one end and gradually working toward the other end when it comes to applying glues, do NOT try to put the glue down for the entire area then laying down the turf. 

If your turf area is big and require complicated design and seams, I will suggest you to have installation professionals to do the job for you.


This is a tough question, as we are very familiar with HOAs rules in state of California, but not necessarily all other HOAs throughout the the country. Most of HOAs are very strict with the front appearance of the houses in the community, and can be easy with backyards: so it will be a good idea for you to find out more detailed information and requirements from your HOA, and you can always feel free to send us those requirements at info! and we will be very happy to help you to provide necessary information and answer any questions from HOA. In cases that we have our service team in your area, we can even visit your HOA at their meetings to present our company and products.


Yes, you can! It is very common that weeds grow at the outer edge of synthetic grass, the interesting fact is that many people leave those small weeds alone, as such weeds make the entire artificial lawn look more realistic!


Yes, as long as you can walk it, you can turf it! If the slop gets steep, you will need to watch out for the infills as it tends to be washed away easily, so you might not to want to put much of infills for such installations: by doing the installations without infills, you will need to minimize the seams and try to secure the edges as tight as possible by nailing firmly on the edge boards. As far as drainage, water will simply dispensed sideways.


Lines on certain products can be more visible than others; such lines can be seen only from certain angles and non-visible from other angles. Replacement with the same turf will show the similar lines. Different products can look different, depending on the angles of the lights, and shading, same product can show no lines while be showing lines in another application: this is almost exactly like carpets, where you can see patterns/lines when you are paying attention.

Please understand that visual lines on turf products are normal: such lines are not considered as “defective”, therefore are not covered by our product warranty. 


Congratulations on your new artificial grass lawn! 

You can always find our warranty details by clicking on this link:

Here are my suggestions for you:

1. Keep a copy of your contract between you and our distributor/dealer: which should have turf product names, date of purchase, date of installation.

2. We, as the manufacturer will warrant the artificial turf products against any manufacturing defects, but not cover any labor related items.

3. You can always reach us via phone or emails listed on this site.


You can always go to this link for installation instructions:

It depends how handy you are when it comes to installing artificial grass. In your particular case, you don't need to worry about seaming pieces together which can be one of the most difficult part of an installation. Our products come in at 15' width, and for your application, you will need to get a piece of 15' x 20' as we don't cut the width down even though you can order at 1' incremental of length: for an example, you can order 15' by 1', 15' by 2' and so on... If you live in a area with a lot of rains, you have to make sure to build your base properly so the artificial grass will drain well when it rains. The turf will drain both directly through or side ways, for rainy areas, we always recommend to do the base by following above link. However, for dry areas, side way drain might be just enough. Regardless of rainy or not, you need to make sure have a perfectly compacted and flat base to install our artificial grass. Depends on your yard confirmation, you might need bender board to finish off your edges, here is the link to the bender board product: You will also need nails and infills to finish up your installation, and you can find all of these needed products on our accessories page:

More importantly, we recommend you to fill out the "Get Free Quote" or "Find a Local Dealer" buttons on our website so we can connect you with one of artificial grass distributors in your area, from where you can purchase our products and getting more face to face help when it comes to your turf installation need.


Hi Linda! Thank you for your question. No need to use any chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach, or high acid or alkaline chemicals on synthetic turf. Just rinse it with water. To neutralize smells, you can use Pet Odor Neutralizer. It's a live liquid enzyme, non-toxic, has over 150 billion microorganisms per gallon and quickly dissolves odors/bacteria. Pre-wet surface; shake the bottle well before use. Attach the nozzle to the water house, and rinse the surface; it dilutes 2 oz per gallon of water.  


You can find the two-part artificial grass installation videos in the "Installation" section on the website:

Or watch videos on youtube:

Here are our installation guides for installing turf of different types and for different applications:


When it comes to the question of "holding up to the heat", there are two terminologies associated with it: dis-forming point and melting point. Everyone in artificial grass industry is using the "melting point" as the main reference to holding up to heat. 

The dis-forming point is at what temperature the turf starts to dis-form: at this point, the shape of the artificial grass fibers start to change its form by curling, and the integrity of the turf start give away a bit, but not necessarily deteriorating except for the visual appearances. For S Blade-90 product, the dis-forming point is averaged at about 180 degree F. 

The melting point is at what temperature the turf starts to melt: at this point, the artificial grass fibers will be melted down and part or all of the fibers will melt away leaving only the brownish appearance on the turf surface. For S Blade-90, the average melting point is 190-200 degree F.


Please go to this page, you should be able to find the information you need. If not, please don't hesitate to call or email to us at: 1-877-796-8873; [email protected]


Technically you can. However, the roundup won't be as effective if it can't get through the turf backing to kill the roots. You can pull out the weeds and spray the roundup at the hole where the weeds come through: hose it off if the roundup gets on the turf.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, thank you.


Yes, absolutely and we would recommend putting a shock pad underneath.


To calculate the amount of infill for synthetic turf, divide the pile height of turf by two, multiply it by the square footage of your area and 0.0833333; you'll get the number of required cubic feet. Multiply this number by the infill weight per cubic feet, and you receive the infill weight in pounds. Silica sand, for example, weighs 80 lb/per cubic feet.

  1. Remove 3-4 inches of soil.
  2. Lay 2.5 inches of drain rock, moisten it and compact.
  3. Add 1.5 inches of decomposed granite.
  4. Roll out the turf in into position and cut the edges.
  5. Fasten ends and seams with 40D or 60D nails.
  6. Apply infill.
  7. Hand or power broom.

Please, refer to a detailed artificial grass installation guide.


The cheapest types of infill are silica sand and green sand. You can use eco-friendly Super-Fill sand coated with Arch Biocide known for its antimicrobial properties. Zeolite organic infill controls odors and is ideal for pet areas. TCool infill helps to keep the turf temperature down 50% on hot, sunny days; it also adds the benefit of the anti-microbial addictive, BacShield.


Cut the turf to fit your area. Clean the surface with soap and warm water to ensure the adhesion. Glue around the edges and seams. Lay out the grass. Stretch it. Trim off any excess turf. Compress glued areas. Allow 24 hours for adhesive to set.


No. The weed barrier is optional. Use it if weeds have strong roots at the time of installation.

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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic turf systems which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the United States. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. Global Syn-Turf is the exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

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