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You sure can use artificial grass for your yoga practice, however, I would suggest to have a mat designed for yoga laying it over the artificial grass lawn. Here is a picture for this idea, a picture will mean many words of explanations hopefully:


There are two components for artificial grass backing: 

1. Primary backing: this is the cloth that artificial grass fibers to be tufted onto. We use polypropylene primary backings for all of our turf products. More importantly, we use two layers of such materials to enhance the stabilities and durabilities of our products. 

2. Secondary backing: Once turf being tufted onto the primary backing, all fibers are loosely attached, in order to secure them from falling out or been pulling out, we use polyurethane glue to glue the fibers onto the primary backing. Polyurethane glues are very ideal for this application, as it will not react to moistures and have great binding power to hold fibers in place for years to come.


If you are having the artificial grass on the cement porch temporarily, and your area is rather small, you can use heavy duty double sided carpet tape to adhere the turf edges. By doing so, you can easily remove the turf once done with it. 

If you are installing the artificial turf on the cement porch permanently, you should use turf glues to adhere the grass. Depending on the size of your project, you can get glues in different packages. You might just need a tube of 32 oz., and a big glue discharging gun. If your area is a big and need more glues, you can go with our 1 gallon or even 5 gallon (which I don't think you will need as there will be a lot of glues in a 5 gallon bucket). When you are using gallon bucket glues, you will need to have a trowel of 1/4" teeth. Here are the links to our glues if you need more information regarding them:

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Yes, artificial grass is resistant to mildew. Being made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene which are plastic, and non-porous, which doesn't provide conditions for mildew to grow. To be absolutely worry free, I will recommend you to use antimicrobial type of infills along with your artificial grass installation, here is the link should you need to know more about the the details regarding antimicrobial infills:


You should never have the muddy problem any more if you install artificial grass properly. One of the key benefits of having artificial grass is that it is clean and not become messy or muddy, you can get on the artificial grass immediately after rain as there won't be muddy or messy as soil or real grass will get. 

You want to be sure your installation gets done correctly, to have your based properly prepared with about 2" of drain rocks and 1-2" of decomposed granite or equal compacted to provide a solid and smooth surface to lay the artificial grass, stretch the turf properly, and secure all the edges and infill it.

You will be very happy as you will never need to worry about the muddy mess any more.


Getting rid of the smells by vinegar, yes, actually using vinegar will be the least expensive way to get rid of smells from artificial grass. But I am not sure if vinegar will do the cleaning part of the job rather than deodorizing. To clean, you can always use mild soap or detergent, spray with garden hose.


If your installation was done properly to start with, it will be difficult for your dog to ruin the grass that easily. It also depend on how big is your dog. A big powerful dog can tore up almost anything. When the installation was done correctly with nails every 4-6 inches apart along the perimeters of your turf, your grass should be very securely affixed to the ground. However, if your dog keep pulling on it consistently, I am afraid that the edges will getting loose up and eventually fail. So the only way I can think of is to train your dog not to pull the artificial grass, not to chew and not to eat it. 


We do offer nails and glues through our distributors/dealers as we do for our artificial grass products. However, such items don't automatically come with artificial turf purchases, you will need to order them separately. The local distributors/dealers will advise you on what kind and quantities to get when you provide the size of your artificial grass. If you need further help on this, the best way is to fill out the online form and we will get the local distributors/dealers contact you immediately:


Regardless how long you use our artificial grass products, they will never release toxic chemicals. Our turf is made of PE and PP resins as main raw materials which are not toxic. All our products have been given rigorous testings before introduced onto the market and more importantly, we are have third party testing labs to conduct testings on various aspects of toxins, permeability, flammability and etc.. Such testing results from independent labs can be found on our website under each product. Here is the link:

You always need to be careful if you are consider artificial grass products from other companies. It is a good idea to ask for all kind of proper testing results from third party or reputable independent labs, so you can have a peace of mind on the turf for your application.


Not really! On the contrary, artificial grass is trendy, contemporary and beautiful! Being rather new industry, artificial grass is actually setting a more trendy pace being much more environmentally friendly, saving water and looking fantastic!

Also, the price of artificial turf is not as cheap as real grass, which make it a more premium product in the marketplace, studies have shown that only the top 15% of households can afford artificial grass for their landscape applications.


The answer is yes. All the sand infill products we carry are kiln dried. Actually most of the sand products selling in a bag packaging form are kiln dried. Most of the sand processing facilities have the capability of doing the kiln dry which is rather a simple process than the term of "Kiln Dried". The meaning of Kiln Dry is dried without moisture, if not be kiln dried and bagged and moistures trapped, sands will clumped up and present a big problem. All we offer are bagged sands products and they are all kiln dried. 


No, absolutely not! You never want to put artificial grass in a washing machine to clean it. 

When it comes to cleaning the artificial grass and it is a very small piece, you can always rinse it off by using a garden hose outside along with mild soap, or to take it into a big utility sink and rinse it off from the faucet along with soap or detergent. 


Not really. Our turf is designed and manufactured with no rubbery smell to them. There might be some new product packing smells when you first open up the turf which should dissipate very quickly once you have turf open up and have it acclimate under the sun. If you would like, you can fill out this form online, and we will be more than happy to get you some samples to check things out:


It will depend on how big of the piece you would like to fit into a plastic tote and how big is your tote. I don't think it is a good idea of doing so regardless: having the artificial grass in tote. 

The artificial turf have good flexibility and can be folded, but it doesn't mean you have to fold them when comes to pack, storage or transportations. Very much like the carpet, the best way to handle turf is to roll them up: if your piece is small enough, you can always fit them into your trunk or back seat after you roll it up. Hope this answers your question. You can always reach out to us via phone or email so we can better explain if you still have any questions.


You will be able to get our premium artificial grass through our distributors and dealers nationwide. I would not recommend you to provide your address and contact information in the public general Q & A. Please fill out this online form and we will get back to you immediately with contacts of local distributors and dealers near you:

When we get back to you, based on your application and needs, we will be able to make great suggestions on type of premium artificial grass best suitable to your specifics.


At the installation, you do need to brush sand into artificial grass, and this will not ruin the products, it is actually a good practice to have. Most of professional installers are equipped with power brooms as a necessary tool for artificial turf installations. When artificial grass installations being done during warm or hot weather, leaving the turf out under the sun for an hour or so, you will find that turf blades will almost automatically standing up without any brushing help, it will not be the same case if you perform installations during a cold day or without sun shines. Therefore it is always important to have either regular garden push broom or power broom handy with installations, you will need the brooms not only for brushing up the fibers, but also to brush infills into artificial grass. Some of our turf products can be very dense and after you drop infills on them, the sands won't be easily find its way down, but blooming the turf, the infills will work its way down and there won't be floating on top of the lawn. Even with proper brushing, you might not get the sands completely down, it still will take some extra time for sand to completely settled inside the artificial grass given time and traffic. During the lifespan of artificial grass lawns, people can add more infills and brush it multiple times without damaging or ruining the turf. 

If you have any further questions, please fill out our online form and our installation expert can help you out directly:


Yes, you sure can. Actually it is a great idea to do so and probably one of the few options you have to give your old deck a quick and nice make over! First, you have to make sure that your deck is structurally sound as you don't want to put artificial grass on a flimsy or shaky foundation, safety is always the number one priority. When you are putting the turf over the deck, you can use turf glue on all the edges, along with some nails to secure turf down to the decking firmly. You can find the detailed glue information on the following links. For your application, the size of the area being small, you might get away by using the tube glues which can be much easier and requires less skillset and time. Should you need us to suggest you with professional installers in your area, please feel free to reach ou to us directly via phone, email or our online form and good luck with your project!


We will never recommend you to burn the artificial grass or it edges regardless the reasons. It is very unsafe to burn any products, including artificial turf even though our products have all been tested with flammabilities. 

When you are making the cuts and fibers start shedding, that means you are cutting into the stitches which make the fibers loose. I will suggest you to be extremely careful when doing the cuts and try to avoid cutting into or too close to  the stitches. If so, you won't see much of the shedding problems or at all. Also if you cut into or getting too close to the stitches, you won't be able to have a perfect seam done when you are piecing them together: you will always need to follow the same stitch gauges meaning to leave the similar distance as the original artificial grass gauges between two pieces.


Global Syn-Turf is the leading artificial grass manufacturer, we make all the turf products and sell them through our distributors and dealers nationwide. However, we do not offer installation services. We are operating with the largest installer network around the country and will always be able to connect you with the proper distributors/dealers for your turf purchase and installations. The best starting point is to fill out this online form with your address, and we will be able to make our recommendations for your applications immediately, you can always call us or email us with detailed information as well. Here is the link:


Well, you can cut the artificial grass with regular scissors, but keep in mind that you will need a sharp and strong pair of scissors. You basically will need to cut through two layers of the PP cloth along with a layer of PU glue, so a bit heavy duty and sharp pair of scissors will work just fine. I am not sure about those "regular" office type of scissors though. 


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