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Putting Greens Supplies

Browse Global Syn-Turf’s premium golf course products and discover what our wholesale store has to offers. We have all the equipment your courses will ever need. We offer a wide selection of gold accessories for all synthetic turf putting green installations and services for golf course superintendents, professional shops and driving ranges. In-stock supplies include flags and flagsticks, cups, covers and sets of golf cup lights.

Golf Cup set for putting greens, synthetic turf grass

Putting Green Cup Light 12 volt is offered in unfinished brass. Works with one 20-watt halogen bulb. Cast Brass, Stamped Brass, Tempered Glass, and PVC.

Golf Putting Greens Flags 3 Colors: red, white, checkered. Synthetic turf installation

Available in solid colors of white, red, and also black/white checkered designs.

Golf putting greens flag poles. Synthetic turf.

Available in white color with base.

Green Golf Cup Cover Putting Greens

Made from sturdy plastic with UV protection, the universal golf hole cover is designed to fit 4'' regulation size golf cups.

Golf Putting Greens Cup White Aluminum two cups

4-1/4" Aluminum, 4-1/4" Perma-White Aluminum, 6'' Deep Professional golf cups

Golf Flag Cup Plastic

4-1/4" or 6'' Plastic, Plastic with bronze core insert

Related Questions

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Generally speaking, under normal use, artificial putting greens last just as long as regular artificial grass. However, people might notice that artificial putting greens have a bit shorter warranty than regular grass, this is because some of the putting greens being used rather more heavily, especially when people stoke putters and clubs on the surface improperly which can damage the greens and shorten its lifespan. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by phone, email or this online form:

Answer - Discussions

We offer our products through distributors and dealers nationwide, would you please fill out this online form with your address, so we can get you connected with sales professionals in your area to provide the information you need on artificial grass putting green cup covers and flag sticks? Thank you:


We offer three artificial grass putting green products, and these products are very similar in term of golf ball rolling speed and consistency, the main difference is their face weight: 44 oz, 46 oz and 60 oz, such face weight differences determine the density of the products, the higher of the face weight, the denser the putting green and in reality, the less of infills will be required. Keep in mind that artificial green can also be used for other applications such as bocce ball court, tennis court and etc., therefore, the different face weight putting green products will offer the the flexibility for different applications. The send main difference among the three putting greens is the color: our Putting-60Bicolor product is in the darker shade green, ProPutt-44 is medium green and Putt-46Bicolor is lighter green. Please feel free to contact us with any artificial putting green products and installations related questions by phone, email or this online form:


Our artificial grass putting green can be as close as possible to real green on the market. By looking at the putting green’s functionalities and performances, here are some of the comparisons between our artificial putting greens to the real real greens:

1. Ball speed: you can get the same ball speed on our artificial greens 

2. Ball consistency: you can achieve the same consistency of ball movements on our greens

3. Contour and slopes: you can build your greens with our product to simulate exactly how the real grass green can be: this will require a lot of experiences and expertise from the installer, not everyone can do the job.

4. Handling the chip shots or taking shots: this is an weak point of artificial putting greens compared to the real green grass. An average installation won’t give you the same absorbent as a real grass green will, when you hit a chip shot or shot from a distance, the balls can bounce at a much higher rate on an artificial green than that on a real grass green. However, there are ways to make an artificial green absorb the shots similar to real greens which will take even more sophisticated designs and preparations such as using a different type of artificial grass product called bent grass, with an inch thick infills or even with shock pads underneath the putting greens. Again, the installation on such can be tricky and requires a lot of experiences. We can recommend you with such high skilled installers for your applications, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:


The beauty and big advantage of having artificial putting greens is that will need minimal maintenance if any! If you have your artificial putting green installed in a area that consistently have debris or leaves, all you might have to do is to blow off these when such things presented. Other than that, there won’t be anything else. From time to time, if you would like to increase the ball speed, you might want to add some more sand infills onto your artificial putting green, but such adding infills happen will be in an intervals of months if not years. 

Please free feel to contact us if you have any other questions of concerns via phone, email or this online form, we are here to help!


I don’t think dog will ruin any artificial grass as they are all designed to be pet friendly. However, for artificial grass putting greens, you will need to be careful with the dogs on it for the following reasons:

1. Artificial grass putting greens are designed for golf putting, a rather dedicated surface to simulate the real putting greens which has functions of ball speed, smoothness and consistencies. For dogs to play on it, especially when dogs are digging or chewing on it, it might destroy the original functions of a putting greens. I don’t see any issues for dog walking on it though, which is the same as normal human traffic.

2. It won’t be a good idea for dog to do their business on an artificial grass putting green surface either. Even though all our putting greens have drain holes, but to keep the it hygienic and clean is equally important for the purpose of having a putting green.

3. Larger dogs with big and sharp nails can catch on the fibers of artificial grass putting greens which can cause the inconsistency of ball movements once fibers been tore. This is also echo my previous point.

We have the best artificial putting greens on the market, and offer free consultations, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or fill out this online form for any further questions or concerns:

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Our artificial grass putting greens are designed and manufactured to replicate the real putting greens as perfectly as possible. By that said, with all the testings we have done, our putting greens provide very consistent ball rolling and speed. On any of our putting green's bare surface, you can easily achieve a ball speed of 8 to 9 ft., if you need faster speed, simply adding more infills and you can get it the speed up to 14 or so. As you might have known that pro gofer, Bernhard Langer has our putting green products installed in his house and he absolutely likes the performances of them all: he has different putting greens from us.

We offer free consultations, so if you have any other questions, please call us or fill out this online form:


We offer three different type of putting green artificial grass. They are all functioning the similar way in term of ball speed, bouncing factors and consistencies. The main difference among the three products are the colors:

1. Putt-60Bicolor, darker green

2. Putt-46Bicolor, lighter green

3. ProPutt-44, medium green

From the manufacturing specs, the 60 has more materials and therefore the putting is more dense, such configuration make it a good artificial grass option for other sports such as bocce balls, lacrosse and etc. due to its density.

My personal preference has always been Pro Putt-44 which has a medium tone green color can blend in really well with whatever fringe and the speed is great, more important, it takes infills well for higher speed adjustment. 

We offer free consultations, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or online form:


It will be a very simple process:

1. Pull out the edges of the artificial grass and be aware of nails around them.

2. Roll up the turf and dispose.

3. If you can't handle the big rolls, you can always cut them into smaller pieces whatever sizes you like to fit into a trailer or garbage or dumpster.


There is really no specific correct height for golf putting greens, we make our artificial greens ranging from 1/2” to 3/4” in the pile height. For putting green, regardless real grass or artificial, the height of fiber is not a set state, more importantly factors are the consistency of how golf balls rolling and the speed. Global Syn-Turf offers the best artificial putting greens in the market! Professional golf champion, Bernhard Langer has several of our putting greens at his properties! Our putting green products offers the best ball rolling consistency and provide the most optimistic speed at individual’s preference. For more detailed information regarding our putting green products, please visit:


We will recommend shorter artificial grass as golf putting green fringes. One of my favorite is our StarGrass: this product has excellent price point, and with multiple colors that can easily blend in with any of our putting green colors very well. The height of the grass is about 1”, enough to stop the ball, yet not too tall to be a good fringe. So this is how you picture the entire putting green area: using one of our great putting green product such as Proputt-44, with StarGrass as fringe with minimal 2’ in width, than use regular height artificial turf as general lawn area, you will have great color contracts and multiple layers of overall design. 

You can also use other products such as Trainers Turf, PetTurf (yes, PetTurf) for your gold green fringes. Here are link from where you can find all of above mentioned products:

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A trampoline won't ruin artificial grass, as a matter of fact, a lot of backyard and playground designs have incorporated trampolines with artificial grass and such applications work out great. Here is an example of such application:

We would recommend the followings when having trampoline on artificial grass:

1. Make sure the entire area is big enough

2. You will need to install lawn pads underneath the artificial grass. our lawn pads come in with 3 thickness: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/2", the thicker of the pads, the better of fall ratings: if you use 2-1/2" thickness lawn pads under the grass, the fall rating is 8 ft., in another word, technically people won't get hurt if fall from 8' height onto the surface. Here is the link for our lawn pads:


In general, Global Syn-Turf makes the best artificial grass on the market, period! In order to answer your question more specifically, here are some categories I would like to emphasize:

1. Most realistic grass: Our SuperNatural lines present the best looking/most realistic looking among all. It has many colors and different shapes of fiber in it which simulates the real grass almost perfectly. If the realistic looking is what you are looking for, SuperNatural artificial grass is clearly the best you can find on the market!

2. Best value: Most of our products with faceweight at between 60 and 80 oz. are considered the best value for the buck. For an example, S Blade-66, Riviera Monterey-65, All Natural-75 and etc., these products have a moderest price tag and functions perfectly. 

3. Best priced: Global Syn-Turf-Turf offers some price point products such as S Blade-50, StarGrass, and Riviera Monterey-50. These turf is made of the same fibers as higher configurations with lessor faceweight, we price them very aggressively to meet the customers needs of tight budgets. 

For all detailed products information, please visit this link and click on each product individually:


We have two different artificial putting green products on couple of Mr. Langer's properties: Pro Putt-44 and Putt-60BiColor. Both products are fantastic at professional grades, you can't go wrong with ether one. Here are the link for these two product:


Without infill, the average rating for both products are at about 9 ft. However, we always require 2 pounds of sand infill when installing the putting greens: the average readings on both products with infills is 12-14 ft.

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