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Artificial Grass Installation: Playgrounds Safety

Create a safe and fun environment for kids by placing Global Syn-Turf padding solutions underneath playground artificial grass. Stay up to date with the current safety standards by using GMax, a test that indicates surface hardness. Measuring impact-attenuation is a fundamental part of athletic field safety testing. For professional installations, choosing the right pad can save you a substantial amount of money, time, and provide optimal safety in the future.

Lawn pads for artificial grass playgrounds installation

Our lawn pads are 100% recyclable, free of rubber, lead, and heavy metals. It non-microbial and designed to perform for many years without deterioration, deformation, mold, or fungus growth. They also inhibit weed growth and prolong the lifespan of synthetic turf. Lawn pads are available in different thickness: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/8", comes in as 4'x6' sheets.

Shock pads for artificial grass installation, playgrounds safety pads

Shock pads help to prevent injuries and reduce the risk of physical traumas. While required for athletes and children, homeowners can also benefit from the feel of a smooth and delicate surface under their feet.

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UV testing on artificial grass is a very length process which is normally done at our factory. In order to achieve the results of having turf to withhold its color and integrity for 15 years, such product samples should be in a UV testing chamber for at least 4-6 month. We have multiple of such UV testing chambers in our factory, and we conduct UV testing on all of our products: We test every production run of yarns and every production run on finished product, I mean EVERY single product run will be tested! We have the most stringent and vigorous testing procedures in the entire industry to ensure our product qualities to be the simple best on the market. In such a UV testing chamber, accelerated UV to simulate the sunlight will be produced, also we set the environment of the chamber with other weather patterns such as fogs, moistures and rains on a preferred interval of time, so the results of testing on all our artificial grass product can be as close as to reality. Such thorough testing provide us a perfect trace on all the products out there should any problem occurs: we know exactly what production batch, the testing results, in turn to trace down the production lines finding about materials mix, crews working on such production and therefore to identify the cause of the problems and so to solve them. In another word, such UV testing will not only ensure our turf products’ top qualities but also a tool for ourselves to enhance our production and quality control process.

Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions or comments:


Painting on artificial grass won’t make it toxic as long as you use toxic free paint. As a matter of fact, painting on artificial grass is a very popular practice of the turf industry especially for sports fields. It can be very expensive to custom make or install the logos, color lines, letters and etc., painting such things on a all green articulations turf surface can be a great alternative with minimum costs. Also, you will have the flexibility to remove the paint once done to have flexibility on your turf designs. Artificial grass is made by plastic ingredients and none porous, simply have paint on them won’t hurt it, neither will make it toxic, again just please make sure to use none toxic paint for your project. We offer personal consultations on all questions or concerns you might have, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form to get connected with one of our experts:


Our artificial grass is safe for all animals and human. We have to acknowledge that majority of homeowners’ artificial grass applications are for dogs, but it doesn’t mean the turf is not ideal for any other animals or pets. Given the fact of certain pets can be big and destructive, more secured installations might be necessary. Many people have different type of pets, I will recommend owners of pets other than dogs or cats to reach out to our experts for further instructions before making any commitments. When contacting us by phone, email or this online form:, please provide us with some details about your pets and your project, so we can better assist you on the best artificial grass choice along with installation instructions.


The answer to your question is: Absolutely yes! We are selling our artificial grass through our distributors and dealers network nationwide, and it is a perfect legal product and business. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone, email or this online form should you have any further questions or concerns:


Absolutely. Artificial grass will be a much better option for playgrounds. Playgrounds get used a lot and I will suggest you to discuss with us when selecting your product, my recommendation is always to go with artificial grass that is lower pile and more durable. More importantly, artificial grass surface needs to have meet certain fall ratings or in the industry's term: GMax. In order to achieve to certain fall ratings, you need to install padding underneath the grass: The pads come in different thicknesses, each thickness offers its own fall rating capacities. For an example, if you want to have a fall rating of 5' which means falling onto the surface from 5' won't get people hurt, the thickness of the pads needs to be 1-1/4", the higher the fall, the thicker of the pads needed. 

Again, playground applications can be complicated and please feel free to reach out to us for any further expert opinion and suggestions:


Our artificial grass consists of four major components: 

1. Straight fibers which are made of PE (Polyethylene).

2. Curled thatch is made of PP (Polypropylene).

3. Primary backing is made of PP (Polypropylene): this is a double layer "cloth" for artificial grass fibers to reside on.

4. Secondary backing which is made of PU (polyurethane): this is the glue to bind turf blades on the primary backing.

You will be able to find all of our turf testings on our product specification page, here is the link:

Once you are on this page, you need to click on the product you are interested in and all testings will pop up on the right of your screen. Please feel free to reach us if you have any other questions or comments.

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This a good question! Here are the main advantages of Pet Grass besides it is specially designed for pets:

1. Pet Turf has excellent drainage capacities, 2-4 times more than regular artificial grass which ensures dog urines drain through the turf quickly and completely.

2. We design Pet Turf to be shorter than regular artificial grass so make it easier to clean up any droppings and rinse off, also reduce the chances of dogs to chew or pull.

3. We use one of most durable fibers to make Pet Turf the strongest possible given the fact of your dogs play and do their business on it. 

There are more to it, but the above are the main advantages for our Pet Turf artificial grass. You can always feel free to reach us via phone, email or fill out the online form to get connected with one of our experts for your further questions or concerns:


Artificial grass is very durable and can be washed by any type of detergents that not abrasive. If you feel that simply using water is not going to do a thorough clean for your turf, I will suggest you to try with some mild detergent to see how the result will be, it regular mild detergent can do the job, you don't have to use more heavy duty type. Depending on the size of your artificial turf, I will always suggest you to use a garden hose, and get a hose attached bottle to fill with detergent, then simply spray! If you want to sanitize the turf or get rid of any smells, you can vinegar in the attached bottle and spray down the artificial grass! 

Please always feel free to reach us on any other concerns or questions you might have by phone, email or our online form:


Well, we don't make crumb rubber infills, nor we carry any crumb rubber products. We are the artificial grass manufacturer and not sure if and how crumb rubber infills is safe or harmful to be honest. We don't recommend to use crumb rubber infills unless independent testings been done to prove no harm. 

As far as sport fields, I know that people are using crumb rubber for infills to achieve GMax fall ratings (to provide enough cushioning so to minimize the chances of people getting hurt while playing on the artificial grass surface). Up until now, crumb rubber is still widely used in the sports fields. Again, we don't recommend it for our turf unless projects are spec'ed with crumb rubber infill, we will require all the independent testings done on such products to go inside our artificial grass surface before approving it.

For all of residential and commercial landscape applications, we do not recommend crumb rubbers for our artificial grass. If people needs more cushioning for their artificial lawns, we will recommend to use shock pads or lawn pads instead, here is the link for our padding products:


Yes, all our artificial grass products are lead free and comply with most strict regulations such as California Prop 65. We have all our products tested by independent labs and publish the testing results on our website, you can find the testing results along with lead free certifications under each product’s specification page. You can find the details by visiting this link:


We recommend you to use the rake design for turf, here is the link to the product:

However, if your local stores don't carry this particular product, no need to worry, we have found that most of the leave rakes will work on artificial turf if they work on real lawns. From the installation standpoint, you can always use any regular bristle wide push brooms as well. 


Yes, our products are designed and made with safety in mind as the top priority! All products made by Global Syn-Turf is safe for human and pets. While it is perfectly safe for toddlers sit or crawl on artificial grass, you want to make sure to keep eyes on the little ones as you don't want them to pull or eat any of the grass fibers. For homeowners with little kids, we always recommend to use antimicrobial infills for their artificial lawn installations, so your grass will stay hygiene. Unlike regular silica or green sands, antimicrobial infills provide no conditions for germs to grow on your lawn and you know that your entire grass lawn is perfect safe for your loved little ones. Again, regardless how safe the product is, you will need to make sure the toddlers won't chew or eat artificial grass.


Yes, all of our artificial grass products are fire-resistant. Being products made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene, the product can be melted but won't catch on fire. The wild fire has been a big problem for California for the past several years due to the climate changes. In 2019, a wild fire burst out in Malibu, CA, while a few houses was burning done, one of our artificial grass lawns survived the fire and stay green among all the burned brownish ruins, local residences were very impressed with the fact and architects have since started to design a lot of rebuilds by incorporating artificial grasses from Global Syn-Turf, Inc.

If you need more detailed information on Flammability Report on our products, please visit this link:


Like anything else, artificial grass will get more slippery when wet, similar to the road we are driving on every day, but not terribly unusable though. You will find the water drain through the grass very quickly and the residues on the blades will dissipate fairly quick as well once the rain is gone. In any cases, you will need to be careful on wet surfaces. 

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Artificial grass is not only safe for the environment but also provide a lot of benefits:

1. Artificial grass eliminates lawnmower which generate noise and emission pollution to our environment. The fact is that air pollution by a lawnmower is great than a car!

2. Artificial grass eliminates chemicals and pesticides which contaminate our soil and pollute our underground water resources: People use a lot of chemicals and pesticides to maintain a natural grass lawn which causes a great deal of harm to our environment. By using artificial grass, such issues will be eliminated.

3. All of our products are being tested by third-party labs to ensure meeting all safety standards including California' Prop 65. So there is absolutely no harm to human beings, pets and our overall environment.


Yes, you can! It is very common that weeds grow at the outer edge of synthetic grass, the interesting fact is that many people leave those small weeds alone, as such weeds make the entire artificial lawn look more realistic!


100% lead-free artificial grass is safe. No research has shown any health risks. It's made of the thermoplastic, low-density polyethylene (LDPE). PE is widely used in the food industry. LDPE is a very flexible material with unique properties that make it suitable for synthetic turf, floor tiles, furniture, paneling, cans, bins, outdoor lumber.

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