Whether you have a synthetic lawn or putting greens, your artificial turf takes a beating over time. You walk on it daily, spill on it, and if you have dogs or visiting wild animals, you may not enjoy their distinctive smell.

FreshCut Pet Odor neutralizer for synthetic grass

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You can always spot-clean synthetic turf with water, but if you have a sensitive sense of smell, you may want to deodorize it. And fortunately, we have what you need for this special occasion.

If you love the smell of freshly cut grass, with our new FreshCut technology, you can enjoy the odor you fancy at any time - 8 oz. bottle of FreshCut captures the freshness and sweetness of a freshly mowed lawn.

Doing a little bit of preventive cleaning is always easier than ridding of stubborn odors. With dogs on a property, rinse the spots with a pee residue on your synthetic turf with water more often. Address stinky areas immediately to get them out of the turf quickly to prevent the accumulation of undesirable odors. Using a FreshCut regularly will help you maintain freshness and cleanness. The sooner you act, the easier it is to get rid of offensive smells.

Usage: Apply FreshCut directly to your grass and let it dry.

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