TCool Infill

TCool infill is a choice number one for dry and hot climates. TCool is a patented technology, first introduced by Global Syn-Turf in 2018. It prevents turf surfaces from overheating; a precoat applied to artificial grass sand infill activated by adding moisture. Testing proved that TCool could keep the temperature of turf fibers down up to 50 degrees Farenheight.

TCool Infill Granules Synthetic Turf Cooling System

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More About TCool Infill

TCool works on the evaporative cooling principle. When sun rays hit the surface of synthetic turf, solar heat energy breaks hydrogen bonds disallowing the surface temperature rise until all moisture inside TCool particles evaporates.

While applying moisture to synthetic grass fiber will cause a temporary cooling effect, turf with TCool infill will be kept at lower temperatures for three days after hydration.

Proper Infill Depth

Adequate infill level is critical to fiber performance and safety. Add 1/2 -1 lb. of infill per square foot.


The amount and frequency of care depend on not only the surface but also on the volume and the type of use. We recommend to periodically groom and swipe surface to remove litter and debris, etc.

Keep in mind that infill does not break down, it often is just redistributed to other areas of the surface. Proper grooming helps even out the infill better than the addition of more infill.

When should the system be hydrated?

As a general rule, the system should be hydrated during periods of daily use every 3 to 4 days if there is no significant rainfall (¼ inches). This can vary depending on humidity and partial cloud cover. We recommend hydrating in the morning before the surface gets hot. Typically this should be done before 10:00 a.m.

How much should it be hydrated?

After T Cool is applied to the grass, hydrate the area until it is wet to the touch (roughly 1/4 inch of water). The granules will absorb the moisture. As a general rule, it takes 141 gallons of water for a 1,000 square foot area. That is the equivalent of ¼ inches of rain.

How Does It Work?

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