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Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Lawn Looking Good

“A beautiful landscape does not happen by itself.” A synthetic lawn doesn't require maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep it in prime condition. Artificial grass is stain-resistant, but what you do with stubborn stains and burns? How to remove chewing gum, snow, and ice from the grass? What if you have pets?


Artificial grass is a savior for people who don't want to spend time and money on lawn maintenance. Everyone loves to decorate the space with greenery that never needs extensive care to remain in its original color. The green landscape is not easy to upkeep, especially when you are living in a water-deprived area. Synthetic turf is an excellent option whether you want to use it in a playground, lawn, backyard, or indoor space. It is getting very famous because it demands less maintenance and hassle and saves you lots of money year after year. Artificial grass lasts more than 20 years without fading or falling apart, but you will have to do a few things to keep it in its prime condition.

Tips to keep the artificial turf looking good

There are following tips to keep the landscape green and lush for an extended period.

  • Dust, dirt, and debris make the look of grass rough and dirty; try to remain it as clean as possible. Dirt can dull the color of your lawn. Use a leaf-blower to remove leaves, dirt, and light objects from the surface.
  • Use a nylon rake or a power broom to fluff up the blades of grass.
  • Immediately remove pet waste and hose off the residue.
  • Never use the hard detergents; it can extend the turf life.

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How to Treat Stubborn Stains from Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is stain resistant. Most stains and spills can be rinsed away with water. For older and tougher stains, you can use a mild soap or vinegar with water to clean up the fibers. The key is to prevent the stain from "setting" - treat it as soon as possible.

Sticky substances like chewing gum or candy can be removed just by picking them up. If there are leftovers, you can use a freezing method: fill a small plastic bag with a few pieces of ice. Rub the ice over the gum to freeze it. Use the spoon or dull knife to scrape it away. A mix of water and vinegar can remove the gum. You can apply the mix and let it sit for a while. Rinse with water.

Stains and Burns Prevention

Accidents happen. Cigarette burns and chemical spills can always be repaired. Some spills such as grease, lubricants, battery acid, motor oils, and such can damage synthetic grass and cause discoloration. It's in your interest to keep garden tools and vehicles away from your lawn.

Burns can occur from charcoal spilling, cigarettes, fireworks, and sparks from fire pits. Keep these activities at the safe distance from your synthetic lawn.

How to Remove Snow and Ice from Artificial Grass

As a rule of thumb, let snow and ice drain away naturally. Synthetic turf backing allows liquids to drain quickly through its perforated backing. If you need to remove snow or ice from your synthetic lawn, here are a few don'ts:

  • Don't use metal rakes or shovels as it can damage the artificial turf fibers.
  • Don't use salt. Over time, salt can build up and prevent proper drainage.

With removing snow off the synthetic lawn, you've got two choices:

  • For a little dusting of snow, simply brush or swept away with a broom or a snowblower.
  • For several inches or feet of snow, carefully remove the top layer with a shovel and sweep away the remaining inch with a broom or brush. It will prevent you from damaging the turf.

Benefits of having artificial grass landscape

There are the following benefits of having an artificial grass landscape, which will prove that it is worth spending your money.

  • Synthetic turf does not require water, and you can save it without sacrificing the health of your grass.
  • It does not fade or fall apart, and you can beauty of your landscape throughout the year.
  • It does not require trimming, pest controls, fertilizers, and gas-powered tools to thrive.
  • It can save you money because you do not need to update your lawn for an extended period.
  • Artificial grass does not fade apart in winters and does not turn brown. It always remains green and increases the beautiful view of your landscape.
  • You do not need to spend your weekends and holidays maintaining your lawn; it is the best way to save your time.

Installing artificial grass is easy, but installing the subbase is not, and it is better to hire professional installers to guarantee the long life of your investment. Hit the "call now" button or contact 24/7 support system to get an instant quote according to your area.

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Do you prefer real grass or fake grass? It's nature vs. nurture debate of lawn excellence. Do you side with groomed turf grass experts on chemicals, or do you want to do more to fulfill the obligations as a responsible steward of the land?

Fall yard clean-up, raking leaves with a garden rake

Before the weather turns cold, you want to prepare your lawn for winter. With natural turf, winterizing involves several steps to pave your way for lush, healthy spring grass. Artificial grass means an end to 99% of fall lawn preparations, but there are some things you need to do for your yard to look fresh and clean before it's too chilly to spend time outdoors.

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Keep your home up-to-date starting with your lawn. Even you're not completely sold on using artificial grass in your yard it's fair to note that days of fertilizers and pesticides are behind us. Now, the synthetic lawn is much more full of character - think everything from colorful blends to sustainable materials. In 2019, artificial grass is the bang on-trend.

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